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Freshly-baked homestyle cookies with customized packaging delivered to your door in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or shipped to other areas in the U.S.

Photo by Misty Hoyt Photography

Hi! I’m Donna Patten, and if you know me, you probably already know that I love to bake cookies (and have probably been the recipient of some of them). I started baking with my mom as a child, and she was famous for her chocolate chip cookies (which are on my menu now).  As an adult, I have always given cookies as gifts to friends and co-workers. So, when I decided to retire from the corporate world, it seemed only natural to start a baking business.

My cookies are “perfectly imperfect,” and are baked with fresh, quality ingredients and no preservatives or chemicals you can’t pronounce. There is no comparison between manufactured goods that have probably been in a warehouse for six months before they arrive at your grocery store, and small batch freshly-baked cookies.

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